Standardised nomenclature for imprinted loci/DMR (Draft)

In the course of the 2014 COST BM1208/ meeting in Aachen (Dec. 1st-3rd 2014) the participants mandated a “Imprinted loci” task force to develop a nomenclature of imprinted loci and to determine their physical position and their characteristics. The task force has been chaired by David Monk, Karin Buiting, Jasmin Beygo, Franck Court and Zeynep Tümer. Further members of the group were Dirk Prawitt, Matthias Begemann, Silvia Russo Lukas Soellner, Anne Rochtus, Karen Gronskov, Tina Kahre, Irène Netchine, Thomas Eggermann, Frédéric Brioud, Lidia Larizza, Francesca Elli, Johan den Dunnen, Jet Bliek, Paola Lombardi, Guiomar Perez de Nanclares, Pablo Lapunzina, Alessandra Baumer, Eamon Maher, Deborah Mackay, O´hici Bronagh, and Serap Turan.
You´ll find the new imprinted loci nomenclature here.