Recent Events

EMQN best practice Guideline Meeting for the molecular diagnosis of Silver-Russell and Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, Barcelona, Oct. 3rd 2015

14 experts in the field of molecular SRS and BWS testing developed Guidelines in Close cooperation with the EMQN. The Guidelines will be finalised in November and published in 2016.

Silver-Russell Consensus Meeting, Oct 4th-6th 2015, Poblet/Spain

The first SRS Consensus Meeting took place from Oct 4th-6ht in the Poblet monastery, Spain. In the course of the three days Meeting 41 experts (geneticists, pediatric endocrinologists, nutritions) and patients representatives discussed all key topics occuring in the Management of SRS. They extensively and controversially discussed on clinical diagnosis, molecular genetic testing and treatment, and finally successfully voted for the first SRS Consensus. The Consensus will be published soon.

Consensus meeting Barcelona 2015

2nd General Working Group Meeting, 2nd/3rd Dec. 2014, Aachen

Agenda (pdf)