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Cost Action representing European network for congenital Imprinting calls for partners to join them.

COST Action, BM1208, represents the recently established European network for congenital Imprinting disorders. This action currently includes more than 30 groups from 12 European countries (clinicians, geneticists, molecular biologists, patients organisations, SME), aiming on standardisation of treatment and diagnosis of Imprinting disorders (e.g. Prader-Willi, Angelman syndrome), on networking research and dissemination of findings. A specific website for the Network ( is currently under construction. This is a growing network and is expecting more groups from 10 European countries (and non-European partners) to participate.
An interview with the Chair for a new COST Action, BM1208, Dr. Thomas Eggerman enlightens us with more information on the European network for Congenital Imprinting.

Read the entire interview here